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Knowledge Transfer Unit

Porto Design Factory aims to develop an integrated set of activities whose main objective is to establish efficient and effective mechanisms of communication and transfer of R&D results of P.PORTO and research center for the business community, on the assumption that this interaction is absolutely fundamental in business innovation process and in the correct implementation of the national and European cohesion policy.

The project adopts a perspective of collaborative innovation, involving companies, institutions of scientific and technological system (national and international) and users, stimulating a process of open and balanced innovation among the perspectives of science-led and user-driven and combining the “Science, Technology, Innovation” models with the “Doing, Using, Interacting (DUI)”.

Thus, we intend to implement an experimental system of knowledge transfer based on co-creation, co-development and acceleration of innovative products and services oriented to interdisciplinary work, to applied research and to multidisciplinary collaboration, meeting the business challenges in the product innovation level, highlighting the intersection of symbolic knowledge (creativity), synthetic knowledge (technology and engineering) and the market, to enhance innovation and product differentiation based on design. Accordingly, the project fits fully in the philosophy of smart specialization domain " Culture, Creative and Fashion ", focusing on the implementation of technology transfer in the markets associated to the designs based consumer goods.