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Be a Maker!

Be a maker! is an intensive course of introduction to digital manufacturing and rapid prototyping, which results from a partnership between Porto Design Factory and OPOLab.

In this week-days evening course, participants will have the opportunity to get to know the maker movement and use different digital manufacturing processes and digital materialization technologies, in particular the digital manufacturing machines: 3D printers, laser cutting machines and CNC milling machines, electronics and instrumental mechanics.

Apply here: http://bit.ly/beamaker2ndedition
Workload: 64 hours
from March to June; 32 lessons of 2 hours, 2x per week (Tuesdays and Fridays, from 7pm to 9pm)
Porto Design Factory
€ 250
Maximum number of participants:
students, alumni, teachers or non-teaching staff of P.PORTO
We are looking for creative, proactive and mostly curious participants who preferably (but not necessarily) have basic knowledge in some graphic editing software (Illustrator, Corew Draw, Inkscape) or 3D modeling (Autocad, Solidworks, Sketchup, etc).

Tauan Bernardo - Maker, Garagem FabLab São Paulo Founder (https://www.linkedin.com/in/tauan-bernardo-571aa413/)
Ivo Coutinho – Porto Design Factory Protomaster (https://www.linkedin.com/in/ivo-coutinho-8504a7a4/)

General objectives
- Integration of new materialization technologies into the design process.
- Present a theoretical and practical integrative vision on the digital manufacturing processes (CAD / CAM) and materials most suitable for the prototyping of design solutions.
- Encourage students to prototype their projects more frequently and safely.
- Present the impact of new technologies on manufacturing processes.
- Show tools that increase the possibilities of student creation.
- Provide the students critical skills in the decision making of the application of the most relevant digital manufacturing technologies for the design: application of additive, subtractive (2D and 3D) and conformative processes.
- Stimulate the production of objects through experimental, spontaneous and outside the context of projects.
- Stimulate the demand and the exchange of open source projects.

Specific objectives
- Learn different processes of digital manufacturing. Technologies of digital materialization.
- To learn about the tools that facilitate the development of projects.
- Know and learn how to operate digital manufacturing machines: 3D printers, laser cutting machines and CNC milling machines, electronic and instrumental mechanics.
- To complement learning with real applications in the practice of the subject.

Program Contents
- Prototyping as a working tool
- Fundamentals of digital manufacturing (CAD / CAM):
- Origins and concepts of digital processes;
- Digital processes - addition, subtraction, formative and robotized assembly;
- Motion maker and FabLab concept
- Ecosystem maker. Getting to know a FabLab
- Practical application of CAD / CAM technologies:
- Laser cutting and applied materials
- Manufactured in 3D printing and applied materials
Fundamentals of Manufacture with CNC and applied materials
- Fundamentals of arduino, electronics and PCBs.

Teaching Methodology
- Exhibition classes
- Outdoor visits
- Bibliographic and visual research
- Projects using web based tools
- Practical prototyping exercises
- Projects presentation