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Social Impact Factory

Combining the innovative spirit that characterizes the product design and prototyping experience of Porto Design Factory, adding the know-how of excellence in support of social startups of the Social Impact network, to the methodology of intelligent innovation in the market of the SEPT (University of Leipzig ) and the recognized work in the field of methodologies for evaluating social entrepreneurship of A3S, this non-profit program of pre-acceleration of social startups comes to generate added value to the ecosystem of social innovation in Portugal. We will engage in personal and collective empowerment to make business ideas through a holistic process that is based on a vertical approach.

The development of transversal competencies and methodologies of Design Thinking, the self-learning processes and the direct collaboration with the key players of the market will be the essential pillars of this program. Thus, we will reinforce the entrepreneurial mindset of each startup, believing that, in order to create a new attitude towards the social business ecosystem, it is necessary, first of all, to prove that these same businesses are generators of economy: innovating and adding a value of attraction to investment, making them equally competitive on other sectors of innovation.

The strategy of this program involves the transformation of behaviours, through the transformation of people, in an imperceptible and tenuous way, through close follow-up, in an informal and creative environment, focusing on the creation of a collaborative group spirit. 

Complete program to be announced shortly.

If you want to know more, contact portodesignfactory@sc.ipp.pt