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Start Industry

The Portugal Summer University on Entrepreneurship.

Start Industry results from a partnership between Porto Design Factory, the School of Technology and Management, InvestAmarante and CIM Tâmega and Sousa. It is a program to train entrepreneurs and to design and develop new Business ideas for Industry 4.0.

This Summer University will run from July 2nd to the 15th, 2017, in Amarante, and will bring together 40 entrepreneurs from all over the world to generate new disruptive ideas in the agro-food, footwear, furniture and wood, metalworking and textiles.

The objectives of Start Industry are:

• Creation of new industrial-based business ideas in key economic sectors in the Tâmega and Sousa region and in the country, generating added value and innovation for competitiveness;
• Position the region in the national and international entrepreneurship ecosystem;
• To inspire and empower entrepreneurs in the region to develop new innovative companies;
• Develop the regional entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Complete program to be announced shortly. If you want to know more, contact portodesignfactory@sc.ipp.pt.