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The innovation generated by students throughout their stay at Porto Design Factory often creates new and exciting entrepreneurial ideas and an entrepreneurial mindset that, in addition to the great skills they acquire, often generate the desire to create startups.

The Port Design Factory acceleration phase is entirely vertical (thematic) and aims not only to introduce students into the world of entrepreneurship, but also to help aspiring entrepreneurs understand what it means to build a high growth startup and assess whether entrepreneurship is, in fact, the right way.

This stage is focused not only on the qualification of the entrepreneurs, but also on the contribution to the consolidation of the global entrepreneurship ecosystem in Porto, focusing on the ideas and teams in the embryonic phase, allowing these teams and projects to reinforce their customer, product and business development strategies and improving the pipeline quality of the startups that will later work with other stakeholders in the ecosystem, such as accelerators, incubators, co-working spaces, VC's, BA, etc.